The Experience 

I'd love to take things
 to the next level.

I know that your experience with me matters. For that reason I will strive to treat you with kindness, patience , authenticity, and attentiveness. I want to get to know my couples, by really listening, and celebrating with them. That connection helps me to photograph you better. Every couple is different in the ways they interact with each other. By diving deeper I'm able to represent your personal relationship and what makes it special.    

On your wedding day I will be paying attention. From the first look to the last dance and everything in between. The things you choose for your wedding mean something to you and I'll be there to document them. I'll capture the big moments like your ceremony, but also the small ones like your parents crying when they first see you, or when your girls circle around you for prayer. All these moments will be my priority.

I'VE GOT YOU!! Planning a wedding is hard and stressful. I can help. I can give you advice regarding what to bring for details, how to consider lighting through the day, how to structure your timeline, and what works for your grand send off. It's ok if your struggling. I'm here to help when you need it and I will be a support through the whole process. 

I've been married a little over 10 years now. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Marriage  is wonderful, it strengthens you, and challenges you. When you are standing up at the alter reading your vows to one another I'm cheering the whole time. (I might even be crying) because I know that you are entering into something incredibly beautiful. 

The Details Matter

Your Biggest Cheerleader 

Part Time Planner