John + Milady

Austin Wedding Photography at Saint Mary Cathedral

Milady and John’s wedding was an intimate and special event that took place in the scenic Hill Country of central Texas in September. When Milady first contacted me to inquire about being her wedding photographer, we instantly clicked. She is a kind and thoughtful person, and her love for John was so evident. Despite Milady being a bit nervous about my availability, since the wedding was fast approaching, I was grateful to have their date available. Capturing their day was an absolute delight.

Their ceremony was held at the breathtaking Saint Mary Cathedral in downtown Austin. I personally adore this cathedral for its exquisite woodwork and stained glass windows. The exterior of the cathedral provided a stunning backdrop for our bridal party photos. Its traditional and timeless beauty was simply unmatched.

For their reception and getting ready moments, we were at the enchanting House on a Hill in Austin. This venue boasts stunning views of the Hill Country and is inspired by Southwestern architecture. The vaulted ceilings, beautiful terra-cotta tiling, and lush gardens with ponds, waterfalls, and even a pool added to the venue’s charm.

Milady and John’s wedding had a fun Boho vintage vibe that added to its uniqueness. Milady wore a beautiful vintage lace wedding gown that she found on Etsy, which perfectly complemented the vintage engagement ring John gave her. One of the highlights of the day was their bubble exit. Not only did it bring joy to their guests, but it also provided me with a wonderful opportunity to capture the happiness and excitement on everyone’s faces.

As a Austin wedding photographer, I strive to capture timeless moments that reflect the essence of Austin and its vibrant energy. The wedding photography I offer is bright, vibrant, and full of life, just like this beautiful couple and their special day. I believe that photographs should tell stories that withstand the test of time, and I am honored to have been a part of Milady and John’s love story.

Weddings at House on a Hill

Embarking on your wedding journey at House on a Hill, nestled at 319 Addie Roy Rd., Austin, TX 78746, promises a magical experience, and a few key preparations can ensure it’s nothing short of seamless.

1. Navigate with Clarity:
Begin by providing crystal-clear directions to this enchanting venue. Its tucked-away location might pose a challenge, so offering a detailed map featuring landmarks and nearby streets will be a beacon for your guests. This thoughtful gesture ensures everyone arrives promptly, eliminating any unnecessary delays.

2. Parking Peace of Mind:
Ease any potential frustrations by making well-thought-out parking arrangements. While on-site parking is available, considering alternative options for larger weddings can be a game-changer. Think about organizing shuttles or coordinating with neighboring properties to expand parking possibilities. This extra step will not only simplify logistics but also contribute to an overall satisfied and content gathering.

By embracing these suggestions, you’re not just organizing a wedding; you’re curating an unforgettable experience at House on a Hill. Here’s to creating beautiful memories in this captivating venue!






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